If we talk about the estimate of 100 people, then 75 people are hit with hemorrhoids. Most people are above the 50-age mark. They felt itching and burning around the anus area. These are the place that we can’t be able to talk with everyone about the symptoms. That is the reason the cases of Piles are increasing day by day. But the most prominent advised knowing the symptoms immediate visit Piles surgeon in Hadapsar, Pune at Ultra Care Clinic for the treatment.

 Follow The Doctors Instruction For Fast Recovery:

After done with the pile’s surgery in Pune, you just need to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. Firstly, rest on the bed for at least 30 minutes. This will provide less risk of side effects on the surgery area. After the bed rest, always remember to stand off to the recovery foot. Now, follow the home instructions.

  •  Using Cold Packs and warm water:

The best method to reduce the pain after the pile’s surgery is to get a bath with a sitz warm water. You can also reduce swelling by soaking in warm water. However, it helps you to reduce pain. Do not use soap while soaking; it can be dangerous; always use plain and warm water. Do not apply anything directly on the sensitive skin.

  • Use a doughnut ring from the advice of a doctor:

A doughnut ring is a type of cushion that allows the patient to sit comfortably and with no pain. But use this do not ring at the advice of your doctor only. However, its shape is round, so it doesn’t support the anus part to be in a comfortable situation.

  • Change Your Diet:

Diet always plays a significant role in the quick recovery of a pile surgery. You need to drink plenty of water with fruits and recommended vegetables. Eat lots of fiber diet and avoid caffeine while in the diet.

Thus, Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde gives the best treatment for Piles even after the post-surgery. He Suggests the best home remedies to get a cure for post-surgery pain. If you are facing such kind of post-surgery pain then also contact or consult with Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde at Ultra Care Clinic, Pune.