Piles Hospital in Pune

When the veins in and around the anus get swollen, it leads to Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles. Although most patients suffering from it opt for medicinal treatments, it might not do any good if the piles have reached a chronic stage. If you are suffering from painful Hemorrhoids, then it would be best if you can consult with a Laser Surgeon in Pune. Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde is the Best Qualified Laser Surgeon for Piles in Pune.

If you are still unsure about whether to opt for surgery to treat piles, check out these benefits of laser surgery for piles:

✅ Reduced bleeding

Often people get scared of surgery, thinking that there will be a lot of bleeding involved. But if you choose laser surgery, there will be very less bleeding, as the blood vessels around the area will get sealed. Also, laser surgery will not impact the tissues lying in and around the anal region in any possible way.

✅ Less painful

Most people fear getting under the knives because after the surgery is complete, they have to confront pain, which can last for even months. However, a Laser surgery on piles in Pune does not give you much pain while treating your condition miraculously.

✅ Short process

While other surgeries would require you to spend at least a few days in the hospital, you can go home the same day after your laser surgery for piles. It takes not more than 45 minutes, and if there are no issues, the doctor can even release you after a few hours.

✅ Fast recovery

After the surgery is complete, the doctor will allow you to walk out of the hospital, so imagine how fast the healing process will be. You would require a few days’ rests, and after that, you can even join your work.

Also, laser surgery for piles is quite safe, and the chances of complications post-surgery are also rare, provided you consult Dr.Abhijit Gotkhinde, Ultra Care Clinic, the best Piles Doctor in Pune.