Varicose Vein is a fairly common illness that nearly 23% of adults are prone to. It is a condition of the veins due to which they swell up, enlarge and twist, often giving them a dark blue or purple appearance. This is when faulty valves in the veins allow blood now to flow in the wrong direction or to pool. Varicose veins are generally not much of a cause for concern. Among the 23%, some face pain and discomfort; others can treat it with compression stockings, exercises, or opt for surgery to remove those veins. The Varicose veins surgery is done in Pune by the Ultra Care clinic. They provide the best doctors for consultation and surgery.

10 prevention tips: –

The best way to prevent any disease or illness is to exercise on a regular basis. Just 10 minutes on a daily basis can really help you to be fit. Exercises that are best for varicose veins are swimming, cycling, yoga, and other such types. These types of exercises increase blood circulation in the legs and help to prevent the valves to keep working efficiently. There are varicose vein doctors in Pune who you can consult for preventive methods.

  • Lose weight if you are overweight as that reduces the risk of ever developing varicose veins.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods. Try doing a few stretching exercises in between.
  • Try to place your feet above the ground, like on a stool or chair.
  • Wearing compression hosiery is important as it helps to keep the veins in the right position.
  • Make changes in your diet as it might really help to reduce varicose veins. Avoid sodium rich food and rather eat food, which has high amounts of potassium.
  • Avoid taking a hot bath in hot water as it slows down the circulation in your veins.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing as it reduces blood circulation.
  • Avoid wearing heels and instead opt for flats.
  • Massage can be an effective prevention method. Massaging the affected area with a little oil and stimulate blood circulation.

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