Hernia is a medical condition in which there is a bulge in the pelvic area causing pain and discomfort. This happens when an organ or organ tissue protrudes through weak, surrounding muscles. Damaged muscles can also cause a hernia in the lower pelvic region. Although Hernia is mostly associated with men, especially those who do heavy work, it can also occur in women. In such cases, the best option is to consult a Hernia Specialist in Pune for advice and treatment.

Types of Hernia

Inguinal Hernia: can affect both men and women, although it is more often observed in men. It occurs when a part of the small intestine or stomach tissue bulges into a weak part of the groin muscles.

Femoral Hernia: mostly occurs in women when abdominal tissue or some part of the intestine bulges through the femoral cavity, in the area near the thigh and groin. While some women are born with weak femoral canals, femoral cavities can weaken with age and over time.

Umbilical Hernia: mostly observed in women during their childbearing years or in pregnant women. In such cases, the stomach tissue protrudes around the navel when the abdominal muscles and umbilical cord stretch. The problem can also occur in older men with weakened stomach muscles.

Hiatal Hernias: occurs when stomach tissue pushes into the chest cavity and diaphragm. Older, obese women who are past their prime are more likely to be affected by Hiatal hernia.

Sports Hernia: is found in women who engage in intense sports activities. The most common cause is muscle tear in the groin area that can develop into a hernia if left untreated.


Hernia in both men and women can be repaired by putting the misplaced tissue or intestine back in place and stitching the weakened muscle together. A mesh is used to cover the tissue to prevent reoccurrence and provide greater support. If you have consulted a laparoscopic Surgeon in Pune, he will insert a telescope into the navel to observe the extent of damage before going ahead with the surgery.

Hernias don’t heal without proper medical attention, and there are many ways to treat it depending on the cause and severity. Visit Ultra Care Clinic without further delay, and consult a Hernia Specialist Doctor in Pune to avail of the best treatment for Hernias in Men and women.

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